The Hair Diet

You want good hair? It starts from within.

FOUR Major Effects to Hair

  1. Estrogen, Hormones, Period - play a huge part in hair loss and thinning, after ovulation you might see more hair falling out than usual, during pregnancy your progestogen is what makes your hair thick and luscious, and after pregnancy when estrogen levels drop is when you experience hair loss. Estrogen is the reason women do not bald like men do.

  2. Illness - practice self care and eat well.

  3. Stress - slow down and stop being too busy.

  4. Medication/Anesthesia - take a look at your medications side effects.

SIX Vitamins to Aide Hair Health and Growth

  1. Zinc

  2. Vitamin C

  3. Vitamin D

  4. Vitamin B-Complex

  5. Iron

  6. Omega 3's


Here is a list of non-weird, diet conscious, budget friendly, normal everyday foods to include in your diet to help you achieve healthy hair.

  • Walnuts

    • Contain omega 3 fats, phytoestrogens and are high in antioxidants. Make this your go to snack or mix it into a salad. Walnuts are low in carbs yet rich in fiber, a quarter cup is only 190 calories. Sometimes I like to mix them with a tablespoon of chocolate chips.

  • Pumpkin Seeds

    • Another good go to snack or salad/yogurt topper. They contain iron, zinc and magnesium (which is good for blood flow aka hair growth). Low in carbs, high in protein and fiber and only 160 calories for a quarter cup. Bonus: Pumpkin Seeds are said to reduce risk of certain cancers.

  • Cruciferous Vegetables

    • Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale, and Brussels Sprouts are my top picks! These types of vegetables are great for hormone balance and vitamin C. My favorite way to incorporate kale is by "flash-steaming" it and using it for a Kale Caesar Salad.

  • Mushrooms

    • Did you know mushrooms are one of the few natural food sources to contain vitamin D? Crimini, portabella, maitake, and white mushrooms contain the highest amounts of vitamin D. You can enjoy them so many different ways but, my new favorite, which our local deli makes, is marinated mushrooms in balsamic and rosemary!

  • Chickpeas

    • A great source of vitamin B-Complex and can be eaten so many different ways. From Banza pasta to roasted chickpea snacks, they can be incorporated in almost every recipe because of their compatible flavor. Chickpeas are only 120 calories for a half of cup and help with digestion and weight loss as well.

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