Sun Exposure and What it Actually Does to Your Hair

We are all told to protect our skin in the sun because how harmful the sun is for our skin, but what about our hair? I like to think of our hair like fresh flowers in a vase; you get one chance to protect them and keep them fresh daily. But once you let them go, it is near impossible to recover.


I always express that your hair is non-living, it is already dead and we are merely just preserving it. Over exposure to UV rays dries your hair out just as bad as heat damage or over bleaching. The sun will actually act as bleach and lighten your hair, causing discoloration and roots. Lighter or finer hair is susceptible to worse damage just as pale skin is to burn.

Two simple easy ways to protect your hair in the summer sun:

  1. When going out in the sun, coat your hair in coconut oil or Klorane Sun Protective Ylang-Ylang Spray. Yeah, your hair will look greasy but at least it will not be sizzling up in the toxic rays.

  2. Wear a hat. Not only are you protecting your face but you are also protecting your scalp. Plus, you will prevent bleaching your hair out, causing discolored roots or bleaching away a color/gloss you just paid to have done!