Travel Hair 101


Nothing makes me twitch more than an over packer. I am definitely a minimalist and even when it comes to hair and beauty. So, for my 4-night Thanksgiving getaway to Texas, where the weather was mild and in the 50’s, I decided to treat myself to a blow-out to last the week.

I scheduled my blow-out the morning of my departure at BLO/OUT Blow Dry Bar in Philadelphia so I would be good to go for as long as possible. I packed a travel size dry shampoo, a cute claw clip, a brush and my curling iron to get me through the week. I use my claw while showering and I keep it in my handbag in case I want my hair up or out of my face because it does not cause a dent or crease in the hair. Also, try to avoid touching or running your fingers through your hair, it will just cause more greasiness.

Brush your hair often, morning and night. I typically do not use dry shamps until Day 3, but if you need it sooner that is okay. And I bring my curling iron for variety, I curled my hair on Day 4, you could do a flat iron instead if that is more your style.

There are many ways to alter this go-to, to fit your needs of where you are going and what you will be doing. But the key is, less is more and get your hair styled before you go. It is a nice way to start off a vacation and one less thing you have to think about.