The Best Dry Shampoo

I have never considered myself one bothered by fragrances until I was testing out dry shampoos. My goal, to find “the one”. I have, in the past, tried numerous brands - Dove, Amika, Redken, Pureology, Moroccan Oil, Eufora and so on - and they have either been too heavy, too light, too greasy or too smelly. I do not like an over powering scent that smells like you are covering up an icky smell, even though that is totally what we are doing. It reminds me of a smoker using cheap fruity perfume.


I ventured to Ulta and picked up three different brands. The popular one amongst my friends, Living Proof, the most talked about on the internet, Batiste, and a brand that I was not expecting to see, Klorane, I had recently heard of the brand on the podcast Breaking Beauty. Here are my thoughts and break downs…

LIVING PROOF - Most expensive of the three at $14 for a travel size. I love the look and the backstory of the brand, the scent is good but is too much. The product when sprayed on the hand was white, really heavy and chipped off. I could not stand getting whiffs of the scent throughout the day.


BATISTE - The cheapest of the three at $4 for a travel size. The brand has tons of dry shampoo options, it was overwhelming. It feels fine in the hair, no wow factor. The smell alone is like a cheap drugstore perfume but I cannot smell it during the day so that is good. On the hand it was a dark brown color (which I chose) and it was a light, dusty powder, not sticky.

KLORANE - My favorite. The original dry shampoo, created in Paris in 1971. The smell is fresh and clean. It made my hair smell good throughout the day, not too heavy, not flakey. The hand test, it was a great middle of the road, I chose the one for brown hair and it was not too dark like the Batiste. It was $10 for the travel size.

Now the question I get asked most is how to use it. First, you want to hold it 10” away from your head. I personally spray once down my part line, then I take a horizontal section on either side of my part around my temples. Then I take a horizontal part at the crown and sometimes one horizontal section from ear to ear in the back. Let stand for 2 minutes then brush it through roots to ends. I like to use the Spornette Luxury Cushion Brush!