How to Properly Shampoo

Do you walk into the shampoo aisle and stand there just gazing at all the different shampoos not even knowing where to begin? Well you are not alone, even the professionals do it. There are so many different types of shampoos that claim to help issues you probably did not even know were issues.

  1. First let’s dive into what type of shampoo. I like to focus the shampoo choice on my scalp type, not so much on my hair type. You want to avoid a shampoo that is going to leave too much buildup.

    - Dry Scalp, I swear by Biolage Scalp Sync.

    - Oily Scalp, look for a clarifying, tea tree or deep cleansing.

  2. Have you ever actually read the directions on the back of a shampoo bottle? They are pretty vague; wet hair, lather, rinse. But sometimes you really have to get in there especially if you have a lot of hair. Your main focus when shampooing should be the scalp. I have 4 sweet spots I like to hit - the nape area, the crown, the temples and the top of the head. I like to scrub each area for at least 10 seconds. TIP: if your first - yes you should shampoo your head 2x if you are not washing daily - shampoo does not lather well, dip your head back to get it a bit more wet and that will create more suds for easy movement!

  3. Lastly, conditioner placement. I only put conditioner on my “ponytail” not on my scalp if I am trying to go a couple days without washing. Conditioner is when I like to focus my attention on my hair type - defrizzing, smoothing, moisturizing, or lightweight.

Think of shampoo and conditioner like your skincare routine - cleanser and a moisturizer!